What We Do

What We Do

At LocalDIY, we offer a huge range of large items that your local retailer cannot stock because of space restrictions. From barbeque equipment to storage sheds, we specialize in garden furniture and other outdoor equipment, delivering to almost anywhere within the UK and Northern Ireland. LocalDIY stocks an extensive range of well-known brands, many of which are manufactured in the UK.

Some examples of the products we stock are:

  • Outdoor Play Equipment: We stock a huge range of children’s play equipment, helping you to make your garden a safe and fun place for the kids.

  • Garden Furniture: With an extensive range of wooden and metal patio and garden furniture, we will help you make your garden into a comfortable place to enjoy fresh spring days and warm summer evenings.

  • Outdoor Living: From barbeques to swimming pools, we offer a range of options for those who enjoy the outdoors. Whether you enjoy socializing with friends or spending quality time with the family, we can help make your patio into an extra room.
  • Sheds and Storage: For all of your patio furniture, garden equipment, and tools, sheds and storage facilities give you a place to store your things securely. A good shed will protect your garden furniture and children's play equipment from the elements and from theft


We believe in shopping locally, and LocalDIY helps you to combine the best of both worlds; you can find large items at a competitive price and take advantage of the experience and personal approach of your local retailer.   By using LocalDIY, you know that you are supporting your local retailer and local community against the march of the faceless corporations.


Thank you for supporting your local independent retailer 


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