Shopping with Local DIY

Shopping With Local DIY

In recent years, local communities have suffered as large corporations used their financial and marketing muscle to drive small retailers out of business. Once-thriving high-streets are becoming rarer as people flock to soulless shopping centres and dull retail parks.

Local DIY has been one of the areas to suffer from this decline, as large retailers race to the bottom and compete on price alone. In recent years, independent retailers have started to fight back, and consumers are starting to realise the importance of great customer service and knowledgeable, motivated staff.

At LocalDIY, we support independent local retailers because we believe that they are the heart of a thriving, vibrant local community. The out of town retailers are making it extremely difficult for independent store owners to remain in business, but they have sacrificed the important local connection.

We have made it our mission to help local retailers compete on an even footing and sell larger items that they cannot store on site, covering everything from playground furniture to garden log cabins.

Every time you make a purchase from LocalDIY, an independent local retailer receives commission on the sale and, if you arrive on our site via a LocalDIY retailer’s web link, they will benefit from your business.

We offer competitive prices and first class service for our high quality home and garden products and, because we specialise in larger products that a local retailer may not have the room to display and store, we are helping them to expand their range of products.