Price: £22.99
Does your room no longer smell as fresh as it used to, with a carpet noticeably less bright than when it was fitted? Do you find grimy-looking circles on the carpet under furniture legs? Stains, marks or general dirt fading the look of the carpet can reduce the appearance of a whole room, and carpets have been criticised for being unhygienic as they trap bacteria, mould spores and allergens. But carpets also provide an effective filter for these if they are regularly deep-cleaned, removing these nasties from your house completely. The most cost-effective way to deep-clean your carpets is to rent a carpet cleaner, which Rug Doctor makes easy and convenient!

Vacuuming is not enough to ensure a fresh, clean and soft carpet which will look its best for years to come. The act of vacuuming only removes loose pieces of dust, dirt and other bits, whereas a deep-clean will wash the carpet fibres and base, which is where much of the dirt and bacteria can hide. A thorough clean of your carpets is easy if you rent a carpet cleaner. Whether or not you've used a carpet cleaner rental service before, you won't believe how easy a Rug Doctor is to use, and you'll love the way it makes your carpets look and feel!

How to Use:

Move furniture to one side or out of the room.
Place kitchen foil under furniture legs to avoid any rust from castors or wood
dye stains from furniture legs.
Clean carpet starting from one edge of room.
When finished, leave foil under furniture legs until carpet is completely dry.

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