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Cleans, cares for and protects in one operation vinyl and linoleum and is also suitable for rubber, cork tiles, tiles and natural stone. Cleans deeply and thoroughly and thanks to wax components always leaves a clear, protective shine.

Directions for use: 125 - 250ml (one - two cups) in a full bucket of warm water (10 litres) is more than sufficient for an optimum result.

If the floor is being cleaned by machine, do not use any more than 70ml (half a cup) in 10 litres of water. Scrubbing is only necessary on extremely dirty floors. Mopping is usually sufficient. Always clean floors designed with marmoleum click systems with a well wrung-out cloth. Do not rinse or dry the floor. Lightly polish when dry to achieve extra shine. When the floor is extremely dirty or for the removal of HG Vinyl and Linoleum Clean and Shine, HG Gloss Coating Remover can be used.

Attention: The shine and protective effect will only remain intact if this product is always used for regular cleaning. If floors with a marmoleum click system are treated when they are too wet, irreparable swelling of the seams may occur as a result of moisture action.
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