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Mould can form on textiles which have been folded up while still wet, without first having had the chance to dry, causing so called mildew stains to appear. These mildew stains are the textiles and therefore cannot be removed very easily. This often occurs with tents, sails, sunshades and shower curtains but also with sportswear, swimming costumes, flags etc. HG stain away for mildew stains in textiles is an effective and safe product to remove these unsightly mildew stains. It does not affect synthetics such as tent windows, handles and fasteners, etc. The material should first be dampened thoroughly with water. Small surfaces can be immersed in water, wet large surfaces such as tents by using a sponge or plant sprayer, for example.

Dilute the contents of bottle A in 5 litres of water. According to the material immerse or treat with a sponge. After the product has been given enough time to work, thoroughly rinse out with water until no more purple colour comes out. Rinse large surfaces with a hose, if necessary. Next, dilute the contents of bottle B in 5 litres of water and immerse the material to be treated in this solution. The purple colour and the mildew stains will have now completely disappeared.
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