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HG permanent anti-slip creates a safe grip-surface on smooth tiles and natural stonework used for (floor) surfaces and, also, in showers and baths with enamel or ceramic surfaces. Starting from now, you no longer need to be afraid of slipping in the bathroom, on the stairs, in the entrance hall, etc. HG permanent anti-slip is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Using HG polish, wax and dirt remover, thoroughly clean the surface that is to be treated, removing all dirt and grease. If the surface is marble, use HG marble shine finish remover. Rinse the surface perfectly clean, with water and, using a sponge or water vacuum cleaner, remove all remaining water. Allow the surface to dry. Ensure that the surface that is to be treated with HG permanent anti-slip is carefully isolated from other parts of the base-material, so that the coating remains intact on the area that is being treated. A good way to do this is to apply 2 layers of masking tape round the perimeter of the area that is to be treated.
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