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HG floor glue remover extra strong is an extra strong and super quick working glue remover which is suitable for removal of the most stubborn glue and glue residues, such as solvent glues, glues for carpet, linoleum, resin, parquet flooring, cork, tiles, wall coverings, as well as tix and mounting kit. HG floor glue remover does not contain the environment unfriendly and unhealthy methylene chloride and methanol substances, it is biodegradable and can be applied to virtually all surfaces. First cut the flooring in strips, roll them up and remove where possible. (Vinyl) flooring which is difficult to remove must first be perforated using a pricking roll or similar tool. The HG floor glue remover must be able to penetrate into the adhesive layer in order to be able to remove it. Apply HG floor glue remover to any leftover glue using a brush. After approx. 10-15 minutes, scrape off the glue using a filling knife and rinse thoroughly with water. The surface must be properly dry before new wall or floor coverings are attached.
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