Garden Incineration

Beautiful Chimeneas, fire bowls and incinerators, all available from LocalDIY

There are various options for heating your garden, which make a fantastic addition to your garden come rain or shine.  Why not try one of our standalone fire bowls , or a fire bowl with comfortable seating attached, which also come with a BBQ grill and mesh spark guard to accommodate any outdoor cooking?  Or alternatively, create a beautiful ambience on your patio with one of our stylish free standing chimeneas.  These Gardeco chimeneas are a great addition to any patio, and create a pleasant ambience when entertaining friends and family.   These gorgeous outdoor heaters emit maximum heat whilst keeping the smoke controlled and blowing directly upwards.  

Our Gardeco Garden incinerators are a great way to get rid of unwanted leaves and waste in a quick and efficient way.  These incinerators burn garden waste incredibly quickly due to the large open mesh which ensures maximum airflow.