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Roast chestnuts never taste better than made over a real fire, and the Gardeco chestnut pan is ideal with its steel pan shaped to let flames through and roast the chestnuts to perfection. The long handle is ideal for placing the pan over the fire without risk of burns. Incise the skin of the chestnuts (or they will explode when they heat up) and place inside the pan, and then straight over the fire. It is the simplest cooking process there is! Shake the pan from time to time until the skin of the chestnuts shows signs of burn and the yellow flesh is visible where the chestnut was cut. When ready, take out of the fire and let cool a couple of minutes before eating. Best eaten hot and straight from the fire. Beware: the chestnuts will be hot when coming out of the fire. You may decide to use gloves or a cloth to handle. You can also use the chestnut pan for cooking food in tin foil that you may not wish to place directly into the is cleaner and works nearly as well. Covered with heat-proof non-stick coating for ease of use.

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19cm x 60cm

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