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deal for large heaters and generators that are running for long periods in commercial and outdoor locations.
To be used with screw in regulator

When using Caldor propane do...

Do treat a cylinder with care to ensure that the valve is not damaged
Do always use cylinders in the upright position
Do return the cylinder when empty or when not in use for long periods
Do read the instructions and labels provided with your appliance and keep them handy for the future reference
Do keep your appliance clean and have it serviced regularly
Do ensure there is an adequate supply of fresh air in the room where the appliance is being used
Do be careful when lifting cylinders

When using Caldor propane don't...

Don't subject a cylinder to heat as the pressure inside could build up to exceed the safe limit
Don't attempt to disconnect or unscrew a regulator from any cylinder if the flame does not go out when the cylinder hand wheel is turned off
Don't store or use cylinders in cellars or below the ground level
Don't use propane cylinders indoors at domestic premises or in high rise flats where a piped gas supply is prohibited
Don't improvise or modify your gas appliance
Don't obstruct access to cylinders

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