Bio Ethanol

Bio ethanol is a type of alcohol produced by the fermentation of plants, it is not suitable for consumption, and one of its uses is as a fuel in indoor fireplaces. The burning of bio ethanol is very clean; there is no soot, noxious smoke or gas to worry about. That in turn, means you will not need a chimney or flue, now everyone can enjoy a real fireplace in their home.

Bio-ethanol burns at a very high temperature, burning time for the fuel and the heat output will depend on the fireplace, burner and environment. Bio ethanol is also highly flammable and therefore the traditional fuss when lighting a “real” fire does not apply here, simply apply a naked flame and the fire will start. To extinguish the fire, use the supplied snuffer to deprive the fire of air and it will distinguish immediately. Always observe the user instructions when using bio ethanol fireplaces.

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