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Super strength Glyphosate is a systemic weed killer that kills most tough and difficult weeds right down to the roots, and biodegrades into the soil to allow replanting. It's perfect for clearing overgrown gardens - can be replanted immediately once weeds have died. Kills weeds and roots.

This product is the strongest domestic weed killer available on the market with 680g/kg of glyphosate as a water dispersible granule. It kills brambles, brushwood as well as Japanese knotweed, nettles, couch grass, ground elder, docks, bracken, ivy and rhododendrons.

Apply at any time when weeds are showing green leaf and are actively growing. Do not apply in windy conditions or if rain is expected within 6 hours or during drought conditions. Effects will be seen on some weeds within a few days, but it can take up to 4 weeks. Activity will be slower in cooler weather. Do not use in frost conditions. Repeat application can be made if weeds re-grow.

Children and pets need not be excluded from the treated area once dry.

This pack contains 18 x 8g sachets and treats up to 450 sqm.

Super strength Glyphosate contains 680g/kg glyphosate as a water dispersible granule. Always read the label, use pesticides safely.
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